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    Can't install Solidworks on a new computer

    Daniel Le

      Hello! I've encountered this problem:


      I've just got a new computer so I would like to deactivate my license on my previous computer. I'm a student by the way. The thing is, I want to transfer the license but I can't open Solidworks on my previous computer because I get an error like this : Failed to initialize ........ something something.... are you low on disc?. Secondly I tried to tranfser the license by login into my account here and download the activation wizard. But for some reason my serial number is invalid so I cannot register my products. Finally, I tried to start the Solidworks License Manager but as I've noticed this isn't the ''right'' one. I opened this going through the map Tools.


      Can anyone help me out?

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          Lenny Bucholz

          Call the local VAR (dealer) and see if they can help, some will and some won't since it is a student version.


          You most likely will have to contact SW directly for this, they can do this but may take a while.


          here are some of the rules set to the student version and transfer is not one of them, so you'll have to call or email SW and explain the problem.


          Special terms

          Although SolidWorks Student Edition is functionally identical to the SolidWorks software used by professionals in the workplace, certain features make it unsuitable for commercial use.

          Institutional use of SolidWorks Student Edition is prohibited. Schools interested in licensing use should contact an authorized SolidWorks reseller.


          SolidWorks Student Edition software may not be resold, transferred, rented, modified, or copied. Any misuse of the terms of the software license agreement will terminate the right to use this software.