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    moving an undefined rectangle

    Alex Jones

      I drew a rectangle and make the side equal and before exiting sketch mode I try to move it by grabing one corner but everytime only one corner moves the object freely without scaling and also that corner is not always the same and it depends on how I draw the rectangle. Is there anyway to know which one does the move or the rotation without trying evey single corners?



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          J. Mather

          What if you window select or crossing window select the entire rectangle and right mouse button Move or Rotate?


          I am having trouble understanding the design intent.

          Do you have vertical or horizontal relations on this rectangle?

          Do you have dimensions on this rectangle?

          Can you attach example file here?

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              Alex Jones

              I know moving is the easiest thing to do but I am very new to the software and I got stock .

              appreciate your help.

              this is what I did.


              *New page

              *front plane

              *create a rectangle(first point @bottom left {yellow arrow} and second point @ top right)

              *choose Equal relation( to make it square)

              *no other relations

              *before exiting the sketch mode when I grab the bottom left corner( yellow arrow) ,

              I can move the square freely but all other corners don't do that.


              The Yellow arrow is pointing the corner

              (light blue color square is the original square before moving)

              red arrow is showing the moved square




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              Alex Jones

              Thank you Anna and J.Mather,

                I am used to creating designs anywhere and move around them later on ( in Graphic design  programs) , but I guess I have to change my habit.

              appreciate your tips.