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Spiralling a flat bar the hard way

Question asked by Gary Blenkhorn on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by Gary Blenkhorn

I need to make a spiraling package conveyor frame to go around a 90 degree turn and elevate at the same time.  The section I am trying to make starts out straight and elevates then starts to turn the 90 degrees to another straight section continuing the elevation to the top.  The inside radius is 44" - ouside radius on other rail is 64".  The full elevation along the straight, curved and staright again is continuos at approx 15 degrees.  Total change in elevation is approx 68".


The side plate is 3/16" x 5" bar - ideally I want this side rail to be in one piece for the full length.  I have tried helix and still can't get it to come out right.  Is there an easier way?