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Help with Flange off of a curved surface

Question asked by Brian Pietraszkiewicz on Oct 16, 2013
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I am somewhat new to the Sheet Metal side of Solidworks.  I have a rolled part in sheet metal that is half of a cylinder.  See the part attached.  Now I need to make a cut about half way up the part and bend the top of that cut back to make a flange off of the half cylinder.  See Example 1 to see what I mean.  I made this example with basic extrudes.  I think this is tough because there is no flat surface to make a edge flange off of.  Any suggestions here would be much appreciated.  I know the part can be made, as we have made some already.  I just want to make it correctly in Solidworks and be able to generate an accurate flat pattern for dimensioning.  Thanks in advanced!