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After Edit-Route, pipe becomes too small ?

Question asked by Jarle Fevang on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2013 by john matthews

First, I am newbie to routing so it's quite possible I have overlooked some details here..

I made a route-assembly with valves and flanges, and everything looked perfect. I then used the Edit-Route command to edit a dimension in the 3d-sketch and everything looked okey...the pipe-segment became longer, as intended...but then when finishing the Edit-Route command, the pipe diameter becomes very small ,0.2606in, while it should have been 8.62in. I checked the corrosponding cell in the DesignTable, and it was correct (8.62in). while in the drawing, in corrosponding BOM, it still showed the correct values for a 6 in pipe


So everything seems to be in order except for the actual part in the 3d-model and visual in the 2d-drawing. WHY?