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Export to DXF/DWG question

Question asked by Andrew Clark on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

Sorry if this has been discussed. I couldn't find any info using the search function.


I just upgraded to SW2014 from SW2012 SP2.1 and I am having some issues exporting sheet metal DXF flat patterns. In 2012 I could open an assembly containing multiple sheet metal parts and open any of those sheet metal parts by right clicking it. Once opened, I could export the DXF to a selected folder with no problem at all, then close the sheet metal part document. After upgrading, I've noticed that I now have to open the assembly, open the sheet metal part, then close the assembly before exporting or else I get a "Save-As" popup which says the file is being referenced by other documents which need to be closed. This means I either have to open each component from its source location without opening the assembly, or close the assembly before exporting for EACH component. The first option isn't too painful, but I'm wondering why this functionality has changed? It seems like a pretty big step backward to me, unless there is an option somewhere that I haven't seen, to disable this behavior.


Anyone have any input on this? Let me know if that explanation made no sense and I'll try to elaborate! haha.


Thanks ahead of time.