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    How to get different assembly views into a drawing

    Sophie Edmonds-Allen



      I am having trouble with an assembly drawing and I was wondering if anyone knew what to do?

      I am trying to show 4 drawings of the different stages of an assembly in an engineering drawing. I have tried taking different views of these 4 stages as well as configurations. The first drawing that I put in to the drawing using model items works, but as soon as I go back and change the orginal assembly to take the next views and configurations, all the views/configurations become the same. Is there a better way of doing this and can anyone help?


      Thanks! Sophie

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SolidWorks forums Sophie.


          You can place as many views as you want and those can be from same assembly/part or different assembly/part. Now in your case you need to place views from same assembly but different configurations. For this you need to make sure that you've the required configurations in the assembly. And in the drawing, click on the view and set the required configurations. In case the views are project, then those are generally linked to parent view (there is an option to disable this) which means if you change parent view con figuration, the projected view configuration also changes. But you can change the configuration for those views also from the list.


          Check the attached video to show you a quick view on how to change/set views to required configurations.


          You might also find this post helpful for your future reference.

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            Mark Kaiser

            Do you understand how to create seperate configurations in an assembly (or part)? Does the configuration tab of your assembly show multiple configurations, something like the example in the picture?



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              Glenn Schroeder

              Using different configurations is one option, but you might be able to use Display States instead.  That's similar to configurations, but you can use them to hide selected parts, which might work well for you to show different stages of assembly.


              After placing a drawing view, you can select the desired configuration or display state in the view's PropertyManager.  See below.  Maybe that's where you're running into problems?


              display state, config.png