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"Cannot insert items in a folder which are not contiguous"

Question asked by Jason Bardis on Oct 15, 2013

I'm using SolidWorks 2011 x64 SP4.0 on Windows 7.


I have a large assembly. It has many fasteners & many fasteners patterns.


I've grouped the fastener patterns into a handful of folders for tidiness.


I remodeled a part & deleted 2 patterns & regenerated them.


Now, I cannot put these 2 new patterns back in the folder where the old ones were.


I select a bunch of patterns, all of which are at the bottom of the Feature Manager (except for an axis at the very bottom). I RMB & select "Add to New Folder". I get the "contiguous" error & all but the last 2 patterns are added to a new folder.


If I then try to drag the 2 troublemaker patterns into the folder, I get the diagonal line-in-a-circle icon & can't add these to the folder.


Any ideas?