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    Dimensioning Peeves

    Rick Denoon

      Does anyone remember Solidworks way back when, (around 1999 - 2001) when you used to be able to put dimensions on a drawing almost as fast as you could click your mouse? Now you have to hover over the line or point you want to dimension seamingly forever, and then it's hit and miss as to whether or not it's actually going to select the entity you want. Then, if you have to select a really short line segment as the second pick, the dimension itself covers up the line segment that you want to select.


      What happened? I know my productivity has certainly dropped doing drawings, exactly the opposite of what should happen as a program advances and computers get faster.

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          Greg Hynd

          what annoys me is that you place a load of dimensions then for some reason solidworks thinks it would look better if the dimensions were placed on the other side of your drawing sheet, so off they fly. If you place a dimension why cant it just stay where you put them??

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            David Thomas

            My biggest peeve is the fact that when you have to move a dimension to another view or the other side of the part for that matter that you have to slide the extension lines back and regap them, this takes alot of time with some of the bigger drawings i deal with. Pro_E does this by just leaving the extension lines go thru the part but during printing it automatically gaps them. I think Im the only one that has a problem with this.

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              Rick Denoon

              This isn't exactly a dimensioning peeve, but while I am sitting here doing drawings,,, another peeve is what a PITA it is to change the drawing scale.

              Right click sheet properties, wait for the dialogue box, change the drawing scale, click ok.  Oops, not right, repeat all 4 steps. Oops, still not right, repeat all 4 steps again.


              In Solidedge, the drawing scale is present in a little dialogue box up in the toolbar, just click and change. The focus stays in the dialogue box, so if it isn't right, just enter another number. Easy peasy.

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                Matthew Lorono

                Rick, Could you provide specifics about your computer system, graphics card and possible examples of files where you are seeing the slow selection?

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                  Rick Denoon

                  It wasn't really the wait that I was complaining about, it was the whole multistep process. But now that you mentioned it the "wait" is kind of strange, and seems to be linked to this particular drawing template, even though it is a simple template, and is residing in the same folder as all my other templates. (I do work for various companies so I have lots of different templates) The same part tested in some other templates the dialogue box pop up right away.


                  The first time I right click the sheet properties it takes about 5 seconds for the dialogue box to pop up. After that it is almost instantaneous. If I close the file and open it again, the first time takes 5 seconds again.


                  SW2013 SP2.0

                  Windows 7 64Bit


                  Boxx 3970 Xtreme

                  i7-2700 Overclocked @4.5GHz

                  12GB Ram

                  Nvidia Quadro 4000