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    switching sheet format causes dimension fail

    Michael Hess

      Ever seen this? I've just created a new set of sheet formats (A through E size, two different versions),

      and when I switch to the new sheet formats on the A size drawings, adding dimensions now fails.

      It seems to know how to figure them out, but doesn't display them after you select an entity.

      When you "ok to place" them they don't seem to be placed - you can't box select them afterwards.


      Now any dimension placed before you switch the sheet format stays and is editable as before.


      The results look like this:

      131014 Disappearing Dimensions.png

      I tried loading different dimension styles. I checked out the layers. I thought maybe they're being

      drawn in the beige color. No luck.


      Any other things to try? How could a sheet format do this (particularly if I do the same

      sheet format edits a dozen times, yet only cause this twice).


      The alternative is to redo the sheet formats for the ones failing, but I hope there's

      a setting some place that can correct that.


      Thank You,



      (SW2012 sp4)

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I have no idea how changing sheet formats could have that effect, and I don't remember anyone else here with a similar problem.  You said you checked the layer color, so I assume you also made sure that a Layer hadn't gotten turned off somehow?  That sure sounds like a Layer problem, though I don't see how just switching sheet formats would affect Layers.  Maybe check the icons, particularly the one for color, on the Line Format toolbar and make sure they're set to "Default"?


          The only other suggestion I can think of would be to contact your VAR to report the problem, but since you're using SW2012 I suspect you're off subscription, so that may not be an option.  Although it still wouldn't hurt to ask them.

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              Michael Hess



              I suspected that since there were initially no responses that it had to be my problem, not the software's. It DID end up being a layer issue, and easily fixable. Thanks for your response, because it did make me doublecheck and take a very close look.


              Oh, and I am on subscription. I don't know if I could post otherwise. Some customers, like this one, choose not to upgrade when there are upgrades available. SW2013 is getting skipped and the switch to SW2014 won't occur till April next year. I end up running multiple version on the same station, and thought it best to identify SW2012 as the version used.


              Thanks again,



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              Deepak Gupta

              Mike I don't remember seeing this glitch so probably if you can share one of the offending file, we can test on our machine.