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    Projects and Configurations

    Derek Feng



      I have a question about the projects and configurations in Flow Simulation.


      I am new to Solidworks so I haven't used configurations that much (in fact, none). So in Flow Simulation, everytime I started a new project using 'clone' I would have to choose 'current configuration' without other options. The problem was that the changes (in CAD) I made for the new project wiped out the results in the older projects, which made my record of the old projects useless.


      My question is, if I use configurations to control my CAD changes for projects, can the results for all the projects be preserved? If not, what's your suggestion for me?


      I hope I made myself clear.



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          Jared Conway

          hi derek, this is one of the topics that we cover in our flow training and mentoring program.


          overall, you just need to be diligent with your changes. if you change a dimension in a part, you need to make sure it is set to "this configuration". then at the sub assy level, you have a new config for that change. then at the top level assy you have a new config for that sub assy. if you do this, then your results will be conserved. in these cases you would not choose "current config" unless you were cloning from that new config. most users work flow is to clone to a new config and make the changes.

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            Derek Feng

            Thanks a lot, Jared. That made sense.