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    3D Sketching Performance

    Scott Maro

      I have noticed a tremendous degradation in 3D sketching performance. Has anyone else noticed this over the last 2 releases?  this was first reported between 2012 and 2013.  Also reported during Beta 2014, but was workable. 2014 SP0 the performance is unbearable - i.e. the more entities present the slower it responds.  Any confirmation or assistance by SolidWorks Development would be much appreciated.

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          Ditmars Veinbachs

          Hi Scott


          There can be a number of factors causing your sketch to perform poorly. Some can be system or driver related. More often performance is affected by the data set you are using. Do you have a model with the poorly performing 3D sketch? Ideally, it should be saved in an earlier version of SW 2012 or 2013. That way we can eliminate systems issues and focus on the dat

          You say that this was reported during Beta 2014. Do you have an SR number for this issue?

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          Ditmars VEINBACHS

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