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Routing stability, abysmal?

Question asked by Chris Mueller on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by Edwin Thompson

Is it just our installation or are other users experiencing abysmal stability/performance when using the routing add-in?


I get repeatable crashes when I delete a route segment connected to a component in the library, a lot of other crashes when just changing route geometries, and we cannot make route drawings (our templates come up blank in the background) (Not that we would want to use Solidworks to make route drawings as it lacks ability to make piping isometries out of the box.).  We have to use a special "clean" computer to manage the routing library, because the library manager fails to properly import excel based parts.


Our set up here is "clean" but complicated.  All of the standard Solidworks components have been scrapped for our own built from scratch components. 


The routing library is within Enterprise PDM.  Normally, there is no write access to the routing files because normal users do not have check out rights to library components. 


I am going to start to address these issues with our VAR, but it feels like this is going to take YEARS to get sorted out.