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Bug with selecting and "dimensions flat to screen" SW2014?

Question asked by Richard Wagenaar on Oct 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Dan Hamilton

I am testing with a big assembly of about 500-2000 parts and test

the effort it needs to edit the dimension in 2013, 2014 and 2005.


When comparing selecting dimension between 2013 and 2014,  2014

has become terrible difficult to select. It seems to be a random place

where you need to pick before it will be selected.

In 2013 you could just select the text but in SW2014 depending on

the dimension you need to pick at random places before it will be selected.

Videocard and drivers are oke.


When dimension flat to screen is not set,  the problem does not occur

in SW2014. In SW2013 there is no problem with either setting.


I already sent this problem a couple of weeks ago to my VAR but they

did not react.

It is very dissapointing to see regressions in the most used commands.

I can understand bugs occur with new features but this is just

the basics.


Does anybody else see this problem? Does it already have a SPR?


It is serious enough to stop using SW2014 for us especially because

dynamic highlighting does not work in large assembly mode since SW2005

which makes editing dimensions about 5 times slower because of all

the misclicks in bigger assemblies in SW2014.


In SW2005 you could configure dynamic highlighting to be on or off

in large assembly mode and it worked great, we always had dynamic

highlight on in large assembly and it works very fast and responsive

and we almost never have misclicks.


SW2014 is terrible slow, tedious, inefficient and causes huge amounts

of misclicks while editing dimensions. Comparing to SW 10 years ago even

with hardware that is much faster now it is a hard to believe why it

has to be this worse and why it keeps getting worse.


SW2014 rebuilding and the the time to edit  a part in bigger assemblies

is better than 2013 but that doesn't make up for all the misclicks and

difficult editing of dimensions.


It should be an eye opener if somebody at SW just opens the same big assembly

in SW2005 and 2014, edit 10 dimensions  make 10 in context relations and

do 10 measurements in the assembly and write down the time and mouseclicks

you need in both versions.  Try to do this as fast as you can and find how much

more time, misclicks and precise mousemovements and concentration

SW2014 needs when compared to SW2005.

Have large assembly mode on in SW2014 and 2005 and dynamic highlight on in

SW2005 in large assembly mode in this test.

Dynamic highlight is not supported somewhere after 2005 in large assembly mode.