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SolidNetWork License Manager

Question asked by Craig Jarvis on Oct 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by Craig Jarvis

Please Help.


Our PC Server went down.

Our IT department built a new machine with Windows 7 64bit installed.

I have loaded Solidworks 2010 x64 on.

We have 10 client PC's with XP pro on them.


I have Pinged the client PC and they return ok.

I have also enabled Telnet on The server running Windows 7.

The client PC’s can ping and Telnet the server.

But the server can only ping the clients, but cannot Telnet the clients?

Also when I add the new server details into the client License Manager, it does not stay in the list?

Client name: DT-RDE-08089

Server Name: DT-RDE-12158

Default port: 25734


Server Details: 25734@dt-rde-12158

Any help would be great.