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Network Render - More than 800%?

Question asked by Rusty Mahony on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by Rob Rodríguez

We recently added a Boxx RenderPro to our network and are trying to put it to work.  The problem we have is that we can only (apparently) send so much render data to the Photoview 360 client loaded on the Boxx.  Example: 5.5 minute test render only utilizes 10.8 seconds of the Boxx's time.  Are we limited to the 800% client workload setting or am I missing something?  When we watch the final render, the blue boxes (data offloaded to network client) remain in the same area while the orange (local rendering) boxes move around the image, apparently doing nearly all the work.  Is this a limitation of the Photoview 360 rendering?  Do we need to buy Modo?


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