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Question about the database

Question asked by Hieu Tran on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by Charley Saint

Hello everyone


First of all I am sorry if I post this question on the wrong section and my bad English.


I am a student and working on a project of a design company. They are using SolidWorks for designing stuff. Now they require us to make a web application for them to manage the parts and projects that using those parts.


The challange is that we don't know how to get data of parts and projects to show on the web. They tell us to create a software that automatically reading data from SolidWorks to show on the web. Each time they make changes, data on web page will be updated also. Now we are stucking and really confused because we expect to create SQLServer or MySQL database and use PHP to make the web.


Do you have any advice for us to solve this?


Thank you very much in advance.