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Problem importing 3D DWG file

Question asked by Ole Moeller Christensen on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2013 by Deepak Gupta



I've got this 3D DWG file (see attached file), that I need to get into Solidworks. I've tried just about anything, but without succes. Therefore I hope someone can help me get the file converted for use in Solidworks.


I've tried importing it directly into Solidworks. When doing this it comes up saying that the file contains a lot fo 3dfaces (or something like that). If I say OK to import those, Solidworks thinks for a VERY long time and in the end crashes. If I select not to import the 3dfaces, I just get an error saying two entities could not be imported and the result is an empty.


I've also tried opening the file in AutoCAD (where it come up just fine), but have not been able to export it in any format, that give a working file in Solidworks. It won't export in STL, and the exported IGES files doesn't open in Solidworks. It just says processing and the nothing else happens.


I really hope someone can help me get the file converted. Any generic format, mesh or solid would be appriciated. I'm using Solidworks 2013 if that matters.


Thanks in advance