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Interactive part catalogue IPC in solidworks composer

Question asked by Madhan Mohan on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by Kevin MacKay

Hello Everyone,

I have been tasked with creating an IPC (Interactive Parts Catalog) for our company that will allow customers to visually search through a 3D assembly model of their product to locate and order parts. I have spent the last few days becoming familiar with the program, running through tutorials, and generally researching online.


The goal is to allow the user to look at the assembly and should be able to select the sub assembly or Number This would continue until the sub assembly is small enough to allow display of a relatively simple BOM that displays callouts, part numbers, and also can added to the cart.


Currently we are generating smg  from the composer player, Can any one suggest us how to publish this smg on to the web.


HTML Profiles what we have in composer is not having add to cart, structure etc and how to customize html frofiles?



Appreciate your help.