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Terminal Block Use

Question asked by Scott Morris on Oct 11, 2013

Hi All,


I'm fairly new to SWE and I am trying to understand how to use terminal blocks.  I understand the basics of placing and moving.  I am running into an issue though.  For distribution like terminal blocks for say power and ground prior to SWE I would bring the power line from the power supply and land it on terminal 1.  Then all the terminals would be bridged together and I would drop wires on different terminals as needed including both sides of the terminal strip.  SWE seems to handle all terminal strips as feedthrough connections (like there is no bridge) with regard to mark assignment.  When I pull up the terminal strip editor I can never move wires to the right hand side of existing wires.  If I try to manual force the mark to an existing wire it simply creates a double layer terminal with the existing wire.  In the images below I'm trying to setup a ground terminal block.TBpic.png