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Getting pdf files out of vault

Question asked by Mike Ingram on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by Mike Ingram

Hi, I'm new to Workgroup PDM (2013).


Is there a way to get the pdfs that are automatically generated (and STEP files I may need to make) out of the vault to send to vendors? I see I can do the View As PDF then Save As within Acrobat. But that means having to do that for each drawing in the package which is time consuming and can be error prone - missed files, etc.


Using Task Scheduler, I ran the Export Workgroup PDM Files, specified *.slddwg to be exported as *.pdf into a folder on my desktop (not in the vault). It ran with no errors, but the receiving folder is empty afterward. Perhaps I'm using that wrong, but I don't have any other interpretation of the "Export to local folder" selection.


I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. It seems odd that PDM makes the pdf automatically as a "universal format" per the help file when the only way to view them is from within SolidWorks.