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Mixes meshing + laminate

Question asked by Wolfgang Grzesik on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by Wolfgang Grzesik

Hi, I came to the point where I started to model with mixed meshes because in my laminated structure are layers with like 0,2 mm height wich takes a lot of RAM to set 2 elements over the heights.So i created midlayers, defined a thickness and bonded them together. I thought I would save lots of calculating time with it. My problem right now is, it doesn't really solve it. Its standing at 0% after 1 hour of solving. The meshing is a lot faster then before.

I'm on this model for quite some time hoping to finally solve it soon with satisfying results, so i can start my parameter studies.


The first time I coulda solve it, the bending was too small and i had like no stress in my solarcells. The top layer is still a solid body, because I thought it might be better for load initiating. The load is initiated within the circles on the top layer. It is quarter symmetry for saving ram.

Using symmetry I took the edge lines of the midplanes and for the solid elements the surface to mirror, I hope that is right.

I used some contact sets, where I did bond the layers together and also the first midsurface with the solid top layer and the last layer with the frame. Also I did set up contact sets for the midsurface edges with the frame.


Mixed meshing is relatively new to me, it would be great, if someone could check my model, maybe even run the simulation and tell me if I have geometrical problems in it or made something wrong. I barely did that much complex simulations before.



Thanks very much for ideas!


With special Greetings