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    Notification issue in EPDM

    Nurhidayah Aziz

      Hey there,


      I have set up the notification in my workflow in Vault A, specifically on all transition. But when files undergo those transitions, no notification come out at all.


      My other vault B's notification runs okay.


      Any advice?




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          Charley Saint



          When testing notifications always remember that if you push a file through a transition, you will not get notified. For example if you setup a notification for the design group which you are a member of and you push a file through, everyone else in that group will get notified but you won't. Other than that if you are using SMTP notifications then try switching to database notifications and see if that works. Also if you made Vault A from a database backup of Vault B (common when settign up a test environment) make sure you followed the procedure correctly as that can cause this issue as well. Or if you followed the procedure to rename your vault make sure eveything got set correctly.