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Active Config, Inactive Config, Rebuild Save Mark???

Question asked by Stephen Gioacchini on Oct 10, 2013

So I am not sure how t odeal with this function and could use some advice. I am using SW 2013 sp.3.


I have several library parts that are assemblies. Take for example a Weld neck break flange assembly consisting of 2 face to face flanmges, studs, nuts and gasket. This assembly used to work just fine in SW 2012. In SW2013 I have active / inactive configurations. (I should mention that the library is read only for everyone but myself for security purposes).


If all the configurations are not checked then a designer using an unchecked or - config then the route assembly gives errors on rebuild. I can save the entire assembly with the Rebuild Save Mark, but this makes the file size to large to work with.


Can anyone give some advice on how to work with the active inactive functionality?