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MLC-CAD SolidWorks 2014 Rollout

Discussion created by Thomas Allsup on Oct 10, 2013
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MLC-CAD SolidWorks 2014 Rollout

Top Golf Dallas, TX

June 10,2014

Attendees: 42 at beginning, 60 at end


Theme:  Design without Limits


EPDM:  Improvements (Don't use this so I was checking emails)

User Interface Visualization: Color of menus, History Folder (like Favorites folder), Save as Copy and open as third option (allows assembly to also save copy of parts with a prefix), Section view now allows to include and exclude components

Rendering: Save as PNG with lots of options (poor mans rendering), solar study to show sun rise and setting on the product

Design tools: Autoscaling sketch, lasso, path length dimension

Sketch Picture: Autoscale a sketch picture based on dimension and change the angle of the picture

Spline Enhancements:  Spline with auto tangency, style spline draws the lines not the spline, replace an entity in a skecth and can make original entity deleted or construction lines

Fillets:  Two new options on fillets: conic rho, conic radius

Simulation: Compare results across configurations

Edrawings:  iPAD open 3DContent Central, Animation

Electrical:  Improvements (Don't use this so I was checking emails)

Drawings: Replace view, reattach balloon, change notes to all upper case, automatically put virtual sharps during dimensions, split dual dimensions,  adding sheets is now in document properties, going to multiple columns to BOMs

Sheet Metal:  You can select face to make flat pattern, Formed Gusset, lofted bend

Weldments: Configure Profile, Configure Equation, slots in hole wizard

Assemblies:  Explode Rotation, lock rotation on concentric mate, you can find feature in a assembly and you can see the mates that use that surface, smart sensitivity, use control on surface and brings up mate menu when you release control key, curve driven component pattern