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    Save as PDF in colors

    Simon González

      Hi everybody!


      I've been looking around the forum and haven't figured out how to solve my problem:


      I've created a drawing sheet format which has a watermark based on a soft grey text in the background. If I save this drawing as pdf without clicking the option of "Export PDF Colors", the final pdf will be shown all black, including the watermark. That's why I'm trying to write a macro to automatically check that option before saving to assure the pdf will be correct for everybody who uses the macro.


      I'm working on Solidworks 2012 x64 with Windows 7 x64, so the code I've used for that porpose is:


      swDrw.SetUserPreferenceToggle swPDFExportInColor, True

      swDrw.SaveAs2 Filename, 0, True, True


      The pdf I get is always in black. Is there anything I'm missing?


      Thank you so much for your wisdom!