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Anyone curious where the System Options are located in the registry?

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by Scott Stuart

I posted on the forum earlier today... would have posted it here, but the site was down at the time, at least for me.


I am curious if there are any CAD Admins or users in general that are curious where the System Options settings are within the Registry. Which as an Admin when you are creating an Admin Image, the creation of a settings file is usually needed, opposed to those that prefer to export a monster file from Copy settings Wizard...which no one can read or understand.


Check out the thread and post there or take the poll I just created -


The latest version I have is 2013, but it should be easy to check any new options that were added for 2014 this year. If there is no interest in this, I don't want waste my time trying to explain this to everyone.


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