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Go/Engineer SolidWorks 2014 Rollout

Question asked by Thomas Allsup on Oct 10, 2013

Go/Engineer SolidWorks 2014 Rollout

October 8, 2013

Magnolia Ballroom - Dallas, TX

Attendance: 41 at beginning (traffic) – 60+ at end of lunch


Theme : The Design is Right!


Across all SolidWorks the context menus are improved and entered values are more presistant


Sketches: Autoscaling first dimension, lasoo selection, path length dimension, spline length, spline control lines sketch


Fun Fact #1: SolidWorks 2014 is the 22nd release of SolidWorks


Parts - Sheet Metal: swept flange, gusset (stamped), corner relief emhancements, lofted transition bends enhancements


Parts - Weldments: support configurations of weldment profiles


Parts - Configurable equations, slots in hold wizard, thru all in both directions


Fun Fact #2:  33068 People have passed the CSWP so far


Drawings - ASME Y14.41-2003 Flat to the3 Screen, replace model in drawing views, reattach stacked baloons, note enhancements, BOM enhancements


Drop and drag a search result to a menu to add to menu


Now you can automatically create a virtual sharp while making dimensions


You can now add all caps to notes


Second Sheet formats can now be set in the formats


Split BOM at number to make multiple columns


Angular ordinate dimensions and notes


Label tags inside notes can now be set and reset


Assy: Explode with rotations, assembly patterns can now be sketch or feature based, when mirroring or arraying parts, the master is in pink color and the new instances are blue color, you can now select parts by size, improvement of multi-body patterns, there is now a speed sensitivity when you are dragging parts with auto mates on, if the default mate is in error it now switches to another mate type automatically, if you use the control key while you are selecting faces then they will mate, you can now lock parts that are concentrically mated so they are fully constrained but a rotational mate, slot in the slot wizard and you can mate to a slot (middle, free, or percentage along slot)