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    Working process to welded frame analyses

    Andrew Tf

      Hi, recently I have been beginning designing support frames for small things like tables and such. I have tried to use the study advisor to get my simulation going but without result. I think that is because of wrong work flow. What i do now is design the frame, add few weldments in the form of gaussed/filled bead and then try to push it through the simulation.


      Here is my problem:

      1. Probably wrong work process

      2. Non-success simulation due to multiple errors when i try to simulate my frame.



      1. What would be a good working process? (drawing>weldments>simulation?)


      I have tried to look for tutorials and other things regarding this problem but most of weldment tutorials focus on adding structual members from the sketch and then stop. I have a hard time finding a tutorial or directions of how to actually "connect" all the structure member together so i can do some analyses with the complete frame. A sample of what kind of frames im doing is in the figure below:




      Thanks in advanced

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello Andrew,


          Welcome to the forum.  I'm afraid I don't know anything about simulation, but I wanted to let you know you might have a better chance of getting help with your question if you move the discussion to the Simulation section of the forum.  No need to start a new one, just click on "Move discussion" in the Actions box at top right.


          Also, since you're a new forum member, you might want to check this discussion:  https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/39793.  It has some information to help you get the most out of it.


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            Jared Conway

            If you are using the advisor, it sounds like you are using full simulation vs sim xpress. So with the addin enabled and a part open, you should have access to more tutorials. Some on weldments and beams.


            If you are new to simulation, I would recommend taking a simulation class with your reseller. If that isn't convenient, at hawk ridges we offer online classes sim and also classes where we focus on your problem.


            I would also suggest starting a little smaller. Just get a cantilever beam to work. Then add another member...and so on.


            I suspect part of the problem is that you're trying to get all the welds and trims into the model. With weldments/beam analysis, you don't include them. If you want that, you'll go with solids.