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Question asked by Diogo Louro on Oct 9, 2013
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I have a problem with the solidworks 2013 task scheduler, and i cant use it for nothing. The problem is related do the Task working folder that is missing from the add-in.

I tried to insert one identical to the task scheduler in the Solidworks 2012 and program says that i need to resart it (when i'm trying to do a task, after changing the task folder), so i resart it and then the task folder disappears, again!. So i cant use Solidworks 2013 Task scheduler with sp4.0 like i used the Solidworks 2012.

Any solution for this problem!? I tried to reinstall Solidworks 2013 and have no sucess.

I added some pictures so i can help you to understand me.


Thank you

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Diogo Louro