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Link Suppression/Configuration States of Parts

Question asked by Thomas Horst on Oct 8, 2013

I have been looking for a way to link the suppression states and configureations of some parts in an assembly, but I haven't found anything helpful so far.


I have an assembly with many configurations, and many repreated components. There are groups of components I would like to always change the configuration of together, but I haven't found a way to link them. You can multi-select and change them at the same time, but that's not as convenient. They are the same part, so all the configs are exactly the same. There is no way to define the parts with a mirror or pattern feature, but that is essentially the relationship I want them to have, so I can change the seed and have all follow. This would also make it much easier to manage from the "configure component" screen, so that I don't have 8 columns all for the same part.


I have tried using an equation to say something like config@part<1> = config@part<2>, but equations don't seem to be able to choose a configuration for a part. (sometimes I would like to link parts that are not the same, like config@part1 = iif(config@part2 = "long", "long", "short"), but that seems like it is more complex)


A related thing I would like to do is make parts suppress together. Once again, I haven't found an equation example or syntax that will let me do something like State@part<1>=iif(part<2>="unsuppressed", "unsuppressed", "suppressed"). The suppression state of a part doesn't seem to be a valid thing to include in an equation... The parts I want to suppress together are not the same, so no chance of patterning there either.


Using a design table will allow for some of the functionality, but will not update dynamically (and takes forever to rebuild). Plus, without the functionality to link outside the design table, I have 8 columns for each part, even though they all would say the same thing, which just makes the table huge, working with it difficult, and rebuilding take even longer.


Any tips on how to simplify assemblies like this? Is any solution going to be an API fix?