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File structure with plates & formed pieces in weldments

Question asked by Matt Martens on Oct 8, 2013
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Could anyone discuss how you do your drawing structure in weldments when it comes to doing burned out plates and formed parts that require separate drawings?


I am unsure of how to handle this requirement. My fabrication department has limited capabilities when it comes to machined/formed parts. We outsource any burnouts and formed/bent pieces that will be required to job shops. How do you handle the file structure required? My method has been save the weldment bodies to separate part files and then detail those. The problem I have with this method is conveying the drawing number to look for when the fabricators need those specific parts from the outside shop. The files that get saved out retain properties that are assigned to it without a problem but it doesn't work in reverse.


I could create the burned and formed parts first and then import them into another part as a derived part. But, then you lose the smarts of being able to edit the features of the base parts when you need to.


Any help would be appreciated.


Matt Martens