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    Problem migrating 77000 files into Vault

    Roy Hunter

      Background - This is a new EPDM 2103 installation & I am new to SW. Our files are in a bit of a mess with lots of missing links etc. We have purchased EPDM to bring some order. Problem -  I am trying to migrate 77000 files from a network drive into a new vault. Hoping to do this overnight but testing has highlighted a problem I have been unable to resolve. When I try to check the files into the Vault, I get the initial report with errors (see attached). I cannot check in the good files until I resolve the issues with the bad ones due to the greyed out check-in button. I intend to fix (or delete) the bad files at a later date as there will be too many to fix at this migration stage. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can proceed to get past the warnings. Thanks.

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          Todd Becker

          WOW! 77000 is a LOT to just simply dump into a new vault (IMO)


          When we went to EPDM this year, we had about 30,000 files that needed migration. We went with the idea that when a new project came up, it would be entered into the vault using the correct workflow. Any legacy data would be added when it was time to revise OR if there was time to get it into the vault with our errors.


          It sounds like a copout, but we did NOT want to simply take our errors and still have them in the new system.


          I noticed on your JPG that you have JPG, XLS, PDF, SLDDRW, SLDASM and SLDPRT files. Have you created categories to handle these different file types? Once the files are put into the vault under a certain category, you can NOT change the category.



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              Roy Hunter

              Thanks for the quick reply Todd. My plans sound similar to what you have done. I have a catch all category set up for read only type files and these go in a basic workflow. I intend to keep all the legacy stuff in a legacy folder within the vault and this is handled by a seperate Legacy workflow to allow me to get the files checked-in and visible. I added a legacy radio button (linked to a Legacy variable) to the legacy folder card so everything in this folder is permanantly labelled Legacy, even if it gets moved into the new folders. This seems to work OK. All our new stuff is created in the main Vault folders with a CAD workflow. I like your comment  'It sounds like a copout'. Exactly what I told my boss. I think my reseller may have found a solution within the admin user rights. These boxes were ticked. (see attached)


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              Kip Speck





              I applaud your migration effort and it looks like you are well on your way.


              Just an observation, you have probably already migrated at this point, but I guess I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring...


              The option you unchecked to ignore files that are outside of the vault, the choice will let you get the file migrated, and there may be such a small amount of them that it is not worth the effort to fix or resolve before the check in.


              Some background,

              • EPDM knows that the files are outside of the Vault.
              • SolidWorks files know where the referenced files are, the actual path to the referenced files is stored in the file itself.


              If SolidWorks knows, and then EPDM knows, why would you ignore the warning?  The point of a Document Management system is largely to manage your files, if they are not in EPDM then it can not manage them.


              There are tools, some that I have developed, to analyze your SolidWorks files, their references and if the referenced files actually exist.  The amount of effort to analyze the files is fairy small, it would have given you all of the information you need to migrate all of your files, near seamlessly.


              When you enable the Warning to disallow files that have references outside of EPDM, remember that you will NOT see that warning on the files again that you have already checked in.  EPDM only does this check on initial Checkin (at least up until 2013 of EPDM).


              As for the Update Reference tool, please be careful that you are not replacing a file just because it is named the same as the one that was left outside of EPDM. 



              Again, great job on migrating, and good luck.