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Problem migrating 77000 files into Vault

Question asked by Roy Hunter on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by Kip Speck

Background - This is a new EPDM 2103 installation & I am new to SW. Our files are in a bit of a mess with lots of missing links etc. We have purchased EPDM to bring some order. Problem -  I am trying to migrate 77000 files from a network drive into a new vault. Hoping to do this overnight but testing has highlighted a problem I have been unable to resolve. When I try to check the files into the Vault, I get the initial report with errors (see attached). I cannot check in the good files until I resolve the issues with the bad ones due to the greyed out check-in button. I intend to fix (or delete) the bad files at a later date as there will be too many to fix at this migration stage. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can proceed to get past the warnings. Thanks.