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    Exporting to IPA (Immersive Design)

    Greg Lannan

      Hello all,  I am currently in the process of hopfully switching from ProE to SolidWorks and I have one big hurtle to overcome before I can make the switch. We currently export files form Pro to IPA using a plugin.  I need to know if any out there has the plugin for SolidWorks.

      The problem is that Immersive Design went belly up a couple years ago.  I can find several articles about the plugin but I cannot find it.  Any help would be great.


      Yes I know that Composer can do the something and more than IPA but unfortunately I have a budget and I would rather spend the money on the SolidWorks and ePDM for our 8 users.  IPA is used by another dept. in the company for creating our installation instructions, and I really do not want to upset the apple cart at this time.


      Thanks for any help



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          Hi Greg,

          I spoke with the inventor of the IPA program, and he tells me that as long as you have the original CD (or downloaded package) and the original license key, you should be able to install IPA on a SolidWorks machine.  He did mention that SolidWorks would have to be installed first, then the IPA install program can integrate it into SolidWorks.


          Caution:  The product is no longer available or supported, and if you run into trouble, there's really no way to get any technical help.


          Good luck,