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Exporting to IPA (Immersive Design)

Question asked by Greg Lannan on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by 1-3PL95X

Hello all,  I am currently in the process of hopfully switching from ProE to SolidWorks and I have one big hurtle to overcome before I can make the switch. We currently export files form Pro to IPA using a plugin.  I need to know if any out there has the plugin for SolidWorks.

The problem is that Immersive Design went belly up a couple years ago.  I can find several articles about the plugin but I cannot find it.  Any help would be great.


Yes I know that Composer can do the something and more than IPA but unfortunately I have a budget and I would rather spend the money on the SolidWorks and ePDM for our 8 users.  IPA is used by another dept. in the company for creating our installation instructions, and I really do not want to upset the apple cart at this time.


Thanks for any help