Herbert Hudson

PDMWorks 07 Unbearably Slow???

Discussion created by Herbert Hudson on Dec 5, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2006 by Herbert Hudson
We just upgraded workstations from SW06 SP4.1 to 07 SP2.0 and PDMWorks to 07 and our vault is now unbearably slow!!! Actually, the overall speed of SW07 on the workstations is much slower, too, but it's bearable. We've made no changes, simply performed new separate installations on the workstations through admin image and performed upgrade on the vault. Not sure what info to give at this time, but I just wanted to see if anybody else has seen significant performance decreases between 06 and 07. Simply expanding a project folder in the vault can take up to 5 minutes now, where last week in 06 this was nearly instantaneous. 100GB vault.

Thanks for any feedback and I can furnish more info as needed.