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    New Assembly not updating to reflect new colours

    Lee S.


      I created an assembly, lets call it assembly A, of an item that included several parts. I wanted to create a new version of this assembly in different colours so I created a new folder called assembly B (in windows) and copied the parts and assembly of assembly A into the new folder, assembly B.


      I then renamed each of the parts and the assembly to reflect this new assembly . Then I opened each part of assembly B in solidworks and changed the colours accordingly.


      I then opened assembly B itself in Solidworks to rebuild it but the parts did not update to reflect the new colours. I notice in assembly B that in the model tree the parts are still called the original parts from assembly A ie the parts are still linking to assembly A somehow. How can I redirect the parts to reflect assembly B without having to create/build assembly B from scratch by adding in all the parts again. The parts have been updated but the assembly hasn't. What am I missing?


      Any help is appreciated.