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EPDM 2013 implementation issues / wish list

Discussion created by Terry Raymond on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by John Travis

We implemented EPDM 2013 starting in March, and went live in June.  I kept a list of all the issues I ran into while implementing:


  1. EPDM SW addin - make active document automatically highlighted. Keeps giving annoying popup "NO DOCUMENT SELECTED".
  2. Make transitions that don't meet conditions not show up in context menu state change list. Just like they don't show if the user lacks permission.
    • Make "disallow sequential state change" intuitive for users - currently they just see NO PERMISSION
  3. add functionality for global variables, including ability to make serial numbers with full VBA functionality. Allow access these global variables in transitions.  Ie allow a unique number to be assigned at some point other than file creation.
  4. Allow file MOVE without needing to permit DELETE SPR 470009
  5. On drag-and-drop file list into vault, if 1 file of 20 exists, asks permission to overwrite. No way to copy the 19 that aren't there yet. Options are Yes, Yes to All, Cancel. Needs No and No to All.
  6. Allow users to set their own passwords (allow users access to admin console)
  7. Allow control + file drag to copy a file (seems like this is specifically disabled??)
  8. Show file card when clicking on a folder in the folder tree!!!
  9. Make right-click context menu on folder tree match that of folders in the right side file pane.
  10. If @ configuration is hidden, don't show @ configuration properties in the column view.
  11. Dispatch string functions - anything after the function is ignored. Should be same format as input formula Left$(...)
  12. While viewing lots of files in details view, whole row highlight option, give an area to right click the background so that background context menu can pop up (new folder etc).  Not having this makes whole row highlight a pain.
  13. Template wizard needs ability to delete missing variables, without remaking entire file/card. (See Joy's workaround below)
  14. Template wizard - Automatically make template variables based on the template card variables.
  15. Workflows bug - allow copy/paste from different workflows. Currently appears to work, but won't let you save.
  16. Standardize special characters across the platform.  % is being used as an escape character, don't use it as a wildcard too. Use * like in user search. Choose 1 separator for file types, currently using commas and semicolons depending on area.
  17. Allow category change SPR 469447
  18. Custom category with no conditions can become default category for all documents. this is dumb
  19. allow commas to be a valid search char in input formula SPR 658979 (related)
  20. allow commas to be a valid search char in dispatch SPR 658979 (related)
  21. Make comment field on history word wrap (same as input field)
  22. Change state confirmation window hides behind solidworks screen if solidworks is open.
  23. "Update references..." dialog in EPDM explorer has a bug with columns. Custom columns in this dialog are only visible if the user is given individual permission. Giving the group permission has no effect.
  24. Be able to see Preview and Data Card at the same time. (even better - allow customization of all the different panes like Facebook) SPR 746501
  25. BOM interface in EPDM is atrocious. Fix:
    • I don't understand why there should ever be more than 1 bom for a part. Get rid of the dropdown. Some items in the row will be in CAD, others will not.
    • Save preference on tree/indented view SPR 763231
    • Allow adding rows & updating quantities to all BOMs, even weldments.
    • Requiring Checkin to see changes is stupid.  SPR 599990
    • Allow drag and drop adding to boms
  26. Columns in explorer currently only pull from one data field. Would be nice to be able to pull from several. Ie p_Description for parts, f_Description (version free) for documents, d_DrawingType for drawings.
  27. For the columns configuration list, would be nice to be able to set an order of precedence, and also force some configurations to be excluded (ie PreviewCfg)  SPR 555659, 481484, 555659
  28. Very easy to make a shared file. Deleting a shared file should not require destroy permission.
  29. Search result Description field should match browse Description field.
  30. Where used tab hard to read. By default, show all files that are *currently* referencing any version of active file. Users don't care that version 6 of 53 of an old assembly used to reference the file I am looking at, makes the list hard to wade thru. Hide this by default.  SPR 443915
  31. in checkin/state change/ tree pane, when a reference is to a deleted file, indicate this somehow. ie grayed out text.
  32. Error trying to check out a PDF if it has a referenced file already open. No reason for this.
  33. Allow changing background color of data card fields. ie have part number input box yellow.  Our ERP allows this, would help to have consistent.
  34. Allow custom icons for workflow.  SPR 561926
  35. Show workflow state icon in browse column view like it shows in search results.
  36. Separate icons for admin, vault, card editor
  37. Undo button in card editor & workflow editor - SPR 327259
  38. Allow permission to see new files not yet checked in
  39. Better data card VBA functionality/error checking.  Would be nice to have the error checking done in the form rather than only by the database column.
  40. PDF thumbnails!!  SPR 388495, 587258
  41. Search to include weldment cutlists
  42. Allow automatic push of updated templates etc to users, without having to tell them to close solidworks and manually get latest version. FIXED IN 2014!


Would be great if the solidworks EPDM devs started knocking out some of this functionality.  I'll do ER submissions when I get time.  I'll update this post if some of these turn out to be non-issues or have decent workarounds.  Thanks for feedback!