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Question asked by David Wright on Oct 7, 2013
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Hey there, SolidWorks Gurus -


First of all, I'm not a guru, but I do work in SolidWorks every day (last 3 years) with assemblies between 2-3000 parts large and have passed the CSWP exam in order to boost my proficiency - that still doesn't make feel like I know as much as the community.


I'm curious to clean up drawings with unruly dimensions and wondered if I could use a chart/table to accomplish this. Can't find a way yet. For example:


Take a dicast part with loads of radii. Not too many variances in their value - say 4 or 5 different size radii - but there's a lot of 'em. I was thinking to label the radii with letters A-E and then have a chart/table that shares their value ± tolerance - blaa blaa blaa. The problem I have is that at this point, I would have to do it manually and anytime a radius changes, I'd need to make sure my memory is perfect to go back and change the value in the chart/table. *BHA* - yea right! Good luck to me having that happen ...


Any way to link the value in a chart/table to a dimension?


(Discussion encouraged ...)

(Just for clarity - I'm not refering to Design Tables)


- DW