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    Tables and links

    David Wright

      Hey there, SolidWorks Gurus -


      First of all, I'm not a guru, but I do work in SolidWorks every day (last 3 years) with assemblies between 2-3000 parts large and have passed the CSWP exam in order to boost my proficiency - that still doesn't make feel like I know as much as the community.


      I'm curious to clean up drawings with unruly dimensions and wondered if I could use a chart/table to accomplish this. Can't find a way yet. For example:


      Take a dicast part with loads of radii. Not too many variances in their value - say 4 or 5 different size radii - but there's a lot of 'em. I was thinking to label the radii with letters A-E and then have a chart/table that shares their value ± tolerance - blaa blaa blaa. The problem I have is that at this point, I would have to do it manually and anytime a radius changes, I'd need to make sure my memory is perfect to go back and change the value in the chart/table. *BHA* - yea right! Good luck to me having that happen ...


      Any way to link the value in a chart/table to a dimension?


      (Discussion encouraged ...)

      (Just for clarity - I'm not refering to Design Tables)


      - DW

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          Deepak Gupta

          I'm not sure as how this scenario will be help during changes in radii but yes you can link the dimension value in a chart. Double click on the cell where you want to show the dimension and then simply pick/select the dimension you want there.

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              David Wright

              AWESOME! Thanks!


              I feel so giddy right now. (so simple too, don't know why I didn't try that.)


              Any way to control the decimal and how many significant digits show up? I've tried again with my limited knowledge, but to no avail. Is this controlled through the system properties/document properteis?

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                  David Wright

                  Upon further experiments, there is still a bit more I wish to accomplish. I like the idea that I can attach the dimension to the table, but when I remove the dimension from the drawing, and replace it with a letter, the table updates to the name of the dimension found inside the model. (D9@sketch3) or something of that nature.


                  What I'd like to accomplish is to remove the dimensions and replace them with notes (in this case, a single letter) pointing to the features of similar values. Then have a table that displays that value.


                  So if I go to the feature tree inside of the model, and change the dimension, the table will update in the drawing, and yet the drawing doesn't have so many dimensions pointing to all the different radii. Take the following pic for example:



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                Dane Reelie

                Another way to hide the dimenion and show a letter is in the dimenion property manager, under primary value, check off Override value.  Then just put what you want to display in the box below.  This will now show the letter on the drawing, reference the correct dimenion in the table and also allow you to show a tolerance or other info still referenced to the original dimension.

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                  David Wright

                  Any thoughts on how to link the dimension and the local tolerance inside of the table - while keeping the original dimension invisible? An overall tolerance can blanket all the dimension within a note, sure, but what if there's that one pesky dimension that requires a bit of tolerance refinement?