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Structural Bolted Connections

Question asked by Poorvesh Mistry on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by Poorvesh Mistry

Currently I am working for a SolidWorks dealer as a Sales rep.

I am currently focusing on getting sales of SolidWorks CAD & Simulation in Structural design field.

As we know almost all fields have some set standards, like for boiler or pressure vessel design - ASME, similarly for Steel Structures, would be set by American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), Canadian Institution of Steel Construction - Code of Standard Practice (cisc-icca) or ASTM A992 / A992M - 11


Now SolidWorks has Weldments module, but I believe nothing for bolted connections. People in such industries are using some software like Limcon 3.6, many do hand calculations. And finally they have to match with code (standards) and believe the design is done.


So is there any solution for it in SolidWorks or with its partner products ?  and if not, then it should be incorporated, as it is a huge market accross the globe. Yup may be after providing solution to this, some one might come up with request to incorporate concrete for design & analysis, but Structural engineering is a field between Mechanical & Civil & in great demand globally.


I look forward for comments & suggestions




Poorvesh Mistry