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    Structural Bolted Connections

    Poorvesh Mistry

      Currently I am working for a SolidWorks dealer as a Sales rep.

      I am currently focusing on getting sales of SolidWorks CAD & Simulation in Structural design field.

      As we know almost all fields have some set standards, like for boiler or pressure vessel design - ASME, similarly for Steel Structures, would be set by American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), Canadian Institution of Steel Construction - Code of Standard Practice (cisc-icca) or ASTM A992 / A992M - 11


      Now SolidWorks has Weldments module, but I believe nothing for bolted connections. People in such industries are using some software like Limcon 3.6, many do hand calculations. And finally they have to match with code (standards) and believe the design is done.


      So is there any solution for it in SolidWorks or with its partner products ?  and if not, then it should be incorporated, as it is a huge market accross the globe. Yup may be after providing solution to this, some one might come up with request to incorporate concrete for design & analysis, but Structural engineering is a field between Mechanical & Civil & in great demand globally.


      I look forward for comments & suggestions




      Poorvesh Mistry

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          Jared Conway

          what limitation do you see in solidworks simulation today that would need to be fixed with a partner product?


          if the bolted connection is modeled in solidworks, you could easily evaluate it.


          i'm not sure i understand the connection between weldments and bolted connections from an evaluation perspective.

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              Poorvesh Mistry

              Hello Jared,


              I am glad you responded, I believe you work for Hawk Ridge Systems as Simulation Services Manager.


              1) For welded structures, SolidWorks has module Weldments for CAD & can be simulated in SolidWorks


              2) Many Steel structures are having bolted connections, SolidWorks has partner product as Builtwork


              3) The structural engineering people prefer to use Bentley or Tekla BIMsight for CAD


              4) Bolted connections increases number of components, solids & surfaces involved into analysis in SolidWorks, so the time required to solve the whole structure will be hugh, so the best for structural engineer is to analyse the structure of the bottom most structure as it will carry the whole structure load. but yet it will be a huge assembly model to process & finally the value the will receive out of simulation is not as per standards expected by American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) or Canadian Institution of Steel Construction - Code of Standard Practice (cisc-icca)


              5) Where as software like Limcon 3.6 or their set of hand calculations, provides them the required results to be produced in front of AISC or CISC, basically Limcon is working as a basic CAD with set of library of standard connections (like blocks or configurations), with standard material & size and acts as a calculator to provide them the end results, but still they cannot rely on it completely & have to cross-verify with their hand calculations


              6) So I believe it is a huge industry accross the globe, have variety of softwares but not one providing the right solution that they can rely on.


              7) So this opportunity could be grabbed by SolidWorks or by the partner products like Builtworks, as this process will require

                   a) simplifying the whole structural model, having bolted connections, so as to reduce the count of parts / solids for simulation

                   b) providing an instant calculated solution like Limcon does and there after if the user believes that it is close to his expecctations, then he could push to full simulation, SolidWorks has simulation Solvers, which would be difficult for partner product to build or incorporate.

                   c) Then finally provide the results & report that they can interpret, which are as per the AISC or CISC standard / rule.


              Please feel free to provide me your inputs, comments & suggestions

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                  Jared Conway

                  so the way that i would handle this is with submodeling in 2013. setup the basic frame structure, run the analysis and then look at individual connections with submodeling. you'll need to pay attention to your model setup to make sure that you can get the submodeling you need.


                  or it sounds like you're talking about a "library" of connections like bolt connectors..etc. but i'm not clear on what you want them to "do" in the simulation. it sounds like you want to be apply to apply that connection at the interesection of some beams and then have the software output if that connection is valid or not. seems like there might be a lot of overheard here for all the connection types. but it is certainly viable.


                  from a reporting perspective, i'm sure that the software has the information necssary to generate the report. but it sounds like you're looking for the software to create a specific report. what do those standards call for exactly? automating the report creation isn't terribly difficult.


                  to note, i look at builtworks quickly, it looks like a tool that automates functons in solidworks based on some "knowledge" library. if you can come up with the idealizations for all of these connections, i'm sure it can be implemented. our programming team is always looking for ideas and could quote out a custom app to help strengthen your idea. hawkware@hawkridgesys.com