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Bulk replace file references

Question asked by Thomas Horst on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by Thomas Horst

Is there a way to replace all references to a file with a different file from PDM?


After migrating our data to PDM just a windows file structure, we now can easily see that we had multiple copies of files with identical names in different folder locations. These were standard parts, and one of them (the real master part file) is used in several thousand places. The errant copies are still used in hundreds of scattered files. I want to replace all of the references to the extra parts with the master part so I can delete the extra parts and clean up the vault. With hundreds of assem.s referenceing the bad parts, it would take too long to do them one at a time.


The "replace references" tool seems to be for relacing all the references in one specific assembly, not for replacing references in all assemblies to a specific part.