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Is it an assembly or a part?  How do you do it?

Question asked by Christian Roth on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by Deepak Gupta

We have a situation here that I am sure is not all that unique.


Part A, is a common part that is used in many applications, but it also used as the raw component part in which machining is applied.


Part A + B Machining = Part AB

Part A + C Machining = Part AC

Part A + D Machining = Part AD

and so on..............



So how does everyone implement this in Solidworks?  I see a couple of different ways, but the biggest challenge is to due with updates on Part A.


Option 1


Save As Copy of Component A, and apply changes.  Now have new part AB.

     If for some reason Part A changes, I know have to update part AB,AC,AD,AE........... manually.


Option 2

Create an assembly with Part A, called Part AB.  Apply machining to assembly (Cut Revolve & Cut Extrude).

     Decent option.  Shows well in WPDM and reflects what in the ERP.


Option 3

Import Part A into Part AB (not as an assembly).  Apply features (cut....) to imported part.

     Similar to Option 2, but less visable in WPDM.  More difficult to manage and oritentate the part.




I much prefer option B.  But I was curious what everone else does?