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    Middle mouse button, rotate, Windows 8

    Joe Kuzich

      Hello all,


      I have loaded my student version on my new laptop and the middle mouse button does not rotate in SW.  Sadly my laptop is equipped with that horridly annoying Windows 8.  I have no idea if this is a W8, SW or Mouse issue.  I did search for some tips and found some on the forum and other locations that suggest downloading logitech setpoint and changing the middle mouse button to either 'middle mouse button' or 'generic'.  I tried that with no success.  The mouse is a Logitech M510. 


      Any suggestions on other things I can try?  I find it very annoying to not be able to rotate in SW. 



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          Joe Kuzich

          I've had a number of views without comments so I assume this is issue isn't very common. 


          Does anyone know of another way to rotate the part/assemblies?  Maybe hold a certain key down while left (or) right mouse button click/hold dragging?  Using the arrows does work but it's cumbersome. 


          I'm planning on picking up another mouse to try as well, probably this weekend.  I did find a post last night where someone just had a bad mouse that the wheel sensitivity was bad on, maybe that's it, but my mouse is only about a month old and works fine in other apps.

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              Greg Hynd

              If you go to control panel and find the mouse option, check your settings there. I think you need to set the middle button to autoscroll or something weird like that.

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                Josh Brady

                I have Win7 and an MX518.  Mapping the scroll wheel to "middle mouse" should do it.  Try mapping one of those little buttons above/below the scroll wheel to "middle mouse" and see if it's recognized. I actually prefer using the small buttons for middle mouse because they are much easier to press than the mouse wheel. 


                If all else fails, there is a Rotate command (found under View->Modify->Rotate) that you can map to a shortcut key or mouse gesture.  However, you will have to hit the key/gesture again or "esc" to stop rotating.

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                    Joe Kuzich

                    So this is strange.


                    The screen shot I took of the mouse options is from my work PC which is Win 7 Pro & that options window is identical to that on my new home laptop with Win 8.  Why wouldn't I have the same options you show?  There is probably some super easy little toggle I just don't know about.


                    Anyway's, I tried switching other buttons to 'middle mouse button' thru the setpoint software and any of them will work to rotate SW except the actual middle mouse button.  I actually laughed out loud when I tried it.  The middle mouse is the only button that won't work as the middle mouse button!?   It can only happen to me.    The side buttons just didn't feel natural to me but changing the middle buttons side scroll feels like I should be able to get used to it fairly quick and that one works too.


                    I'm still a little bit bummed I cant figure out why it work as it should but at least I can work now.  Thanks for the helps guys.  I'll mark it answered since I have the option.

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                        Jim Wilkinson

                        I think Greg's is different because he has a Microsoft IntelliPoint driver installed. Notice the logo in the bottom right corner, the presence of the "Activities" tab and also the background color of the dialog is a different color. I think the IntelliPoint software "takes over" the appearance of the contents of each tab, putting their own dialog controls on top of the standard ones. The Logitech drivers just add the SetPoint tab and don't change the original ones. I have a Logitech Mouse and it is the same as Joe's dialog. My mouse is a Anywhere MX which has a separate middle mouse button from the scroll wheel (pushing the wheel instead mechanically switches it from smooth scrolling to incremental scrolling).


                        I hope this helps,