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    SolidWorks Support News

    Julien Boissat

      Hi all,


      Just a quick note to let you know that the SolidWorks Technical Support team have set up a monthly blog, posted on http://blogs.solidworks.com/tech. With the help of team members of the Technical Support organization, I post useful information from the SolidWorks Knowledge Base, alerts, tech tips and news. The topics cover all the product range: from EPDM to SolidWorks and all the Simulation products (Simulation, Flow, Plastics, etc.)


      The intended readership for this blog is the entire community: SolidWorks users, resellers and employees. Feel free to share this page.


      We hope you’ll find it useful!

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      Check out the recent blog posts. They contain information which is still useful:

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      SolidWorks Support Monthly FAQ - July 2013

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      One point to note is that SolidWorks Technical support aren’t able to offer technical support via the Blogs or the Forums, so please contact your reseller for that.




      Julien Boissat