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    Custom Properties with a Mirrored part has a major BUG

    Jacob Cordingley

      Here is a bug that be getting me a quite few years now(and Version of SW 2008,2010,2012,2013)


      When mirroring a part This dialog1 show up



      Dialog 1


      Check The Custom Properties(CP) then create the mirror part

      now go and  edit the mirror  Feature,  The CP no longer checked but if you look and the mirrored part CP it has it.

      Close the parent file and and reopen the mirrored part CP now it gone from view.

      run the attached  Marco and it is  still there through the API.

      reopen the parent now it back.

      Now Delete the mirrored part CP close and reopen and its back.


      what can I do to get Solidworks to fix this bug?  or a good work around.