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    PDF output is blank

    Thameem Ansari

      Hi everyone,


      I am using 3D Via composer 2013 and trying to get a pdf output. When I convert to pdf and open, toolbars and trees are visible but the actor screen is blacked out. Couldnt see anything. But when I place my cursor in screen, the actors are highlighting(which is also in black but only contours glowing).


      Kindly tell me a work around for this.




      Thameem Ansari.

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          Derek Parks

          Can you tell me your exact workflow to get the pdf output so I can check it for you? I know it seems obvious but you also may want to check that your Adobe is up to date. Since your publishing a pdf I would also assume you want this to be dynamically controlled and this isn't just an image you are trying to create? Also when publishing your pdf make sure in the image option to the bottom left of your save screen you have white background checked.


          Once you walk through all this if you still need help I will do some tests with your workflow. Hope this helps



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              Thameem Ansari

              Thank you for the reply derek,


              Workflow I follow is usual one. I will create all my images and animations and then go the publish>PDF and will check the SMG( enhanced content) and will give publish. Also I will check the white back ground also.


              I am using Adobe 9 with all the plugins installed. I have also checked the file in another pc with adobe 9, it works fine in that.


              Thameem Ansari

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              John Burrill

              I had this issue when doing an HTML export.  What I had to do was open the page on the target computer, go into the viewer options and disable the advanced GPU stuff.

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                Tomas Barahona

                Greetings Thameem, i'm having this problem also, since a year ago, with no good results. Could you get through it?

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                    Thameem Ansari

                    Hi Tomas,


                    Sorry for the late reply


                    I have followed these steps and it worked for me.


                    Open your adobe 11.0. Go to Edit> Preferences> Security(Enhanced)> Uncheck the Enable Proctected mode at startup.


                    Also, Goto your older Adobe reader folder in Progam files (x86)\Reader\ Plugins, and copy the files 3DVIAPLAYERCONTROL.dll and 3D Via Player Reader and paste it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\plug_ins go to this folder.


                    I guess, this will solve your issue also.