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    WEB Implementation

    Andrian Sangel

      Hi everyone i just want to ask something reagrding on the EPDM web implementation.


      Do we need to install Epdm client on a computer for us to access the web server outside the LAN connection.


      Cause we want to try the web implementation we will be going to connect outside the Companies network connection for us to check the EDPM web server?


      How can we access using web?


      Do we need to install EPDM client ??



      Please help i would appreciate  it if you can share  some procedures or steps how to set-up EPDM web server.



      Thnk you and Best Regards




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          Charley Saint



          If you opent he administration tool and go to help there is a web server guide that should answer all you questions:



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            Kip Speck

            It looks like this is the same question as you posted before, did the answers you got there not help?  or are you still having an issue?


            If the client is NOT in your netork, you will have to put the Web Server on a Public IP or have them connect through a VPN.



            There is no "Client Install"  It is an active X that installs when the client connects to your Web Server EPDM.





            There is an alternative to the Out of the Box Web Client, the alternative is a Web application that has all of the out of the Box functions, plus it provides access to the edrawings, and other viewers to view files.


            Additionally, there is no required client installs except the free edrawings from SolidWorks.


            If you are interested I can give you a quick demo.



            Kip Speck