Daen Hendrickson

SW2007 ToolBox Property Manager

Discussion created by Daen Hendrickson on Dec 4, 2006
Just started digging into Toolbox after our upgrade to SW2007 with SP2.0.

In SW2006 we had added custom properties to our toolbox in order to get specific supplier part numbers into the BOM. For the most part that was working.

I tried to insert a pan head machine screw into an assembly with one generic part and magaged to crash Solidworks a handful of times. It behaved better dragging and drop. The right-mouse-click and selecting insert into assembly was 100% successful in hanging the solidworks session.

In the properties manager, I notice under the properties heading that the property title is above the entry box for the data - as would be expected - until I get down the list six or seven items. I then show two titles in succession and then the two data boxes for those two titles. In my case, the data box for "Thread Display" needs to switch places to be placed correctly under its title.

Secondly, I entered the toolbox configuration utility and wanted to change the name of one of my custom properties. The change seemed to be accepted in the configuration window. But when I inserted this part mentioned above, the changed custom property simply vanaged from the property manager. But the data did not. The data was pushed down to the next property so that all the data was shifted by one place.

I went back to the toolbox configuration utility and changed my edited custom property name back to the previous name. The next time I tried to insert the toolbox screw, the properties righted themselved - except for the "Thread Display" issue described above.