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I need help figuring out the best way to do this

Question asked by Brooke Lorwey Mora on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by Brooke Lorwey Mora

I currently have a sheetmetal part that has a bend at one end and a triangle at the other(like an arrow).  This part has about 4 different versions of this same part, what makes them different is the tabs that are welded on it along the arrow part:


  1. tab on the left
  2. tab on the right
  3. tab bent across both sides like a book
  4. no tabs


for the drawing I want to show the welded on tabs for each option connected to and separated from the arrow portion of the part.


I figured that I need to use configurations for this but I'm stuck as to what to do for the tabs on the arrow head.  I'm not sure whether to add these tabs as weldments, make bends and then add weld beads along the bend, or even make the tabs as separate bodies as if I was doing a multibod part and then use weld to connect them. oh and the tabs are made with the same material.


my main concern is being able to do this so that I can show each version of the part in the drawing and show the tabs separately for their dimensions and having them all be considered the same part.


If you have any suggestions let me know, thanks!


edit: I added the part up to this point. I don't have any drawings including the tabs, only a very confusing sketch. I hope this helps.