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electrical routing- inital questions.

Question asked by Jim Steinmeyer on Oct 4, 2013

Our company has one seat of routing but none of the current designers have used it. We are now being asked to create quality wiring diagrams in our installation assemblies as well as drawings to have harnesses made by out side vendors and we have some questions about routing.

1. When a harness is made in an assembly is it saved in that assembly or separatelly?

2.If the harness is created in assembly 1, can it be reused and rerouted to be used in assembly 2?


We manufacture light tower trailers  with generators and lights so a general harness might fit several different trailers with slightly different routing in each. For cost competativeness you want one harness to fit several optons. For reliability, we need to assemble the same harness in each instance to check the fit..


Thank you