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Shield terminations

Question asked by Michael Pretekin on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by Allan Bowers

Just curious - For a shielded cable, what approach have you taken to terminate the shield into a connector pin or backshell?


Here are a few things I'm working with and I'd love feedback if anybody has a moment:


Type 1.PNG

In this instance, I've terminated both ends of the shield to their respective backshells.  The shield symbol has a hyper hyper passing connection point so that the shield core in the cable reference can have continuity from one backshell to the other.  It shows up in a from-to list properly then:

Type 1.2.PNG



In the next instance, I terminate only one end of the shield core to a connector pin:


Type 2.PNG

In this case, I use an identical shield symbol, except this one has a disconnectable circuit connection point.  I give the symbol a manual mark of "FLOAT" or "NC" and then run the shield cable core to the pin:


Type 2.2.PNG


Where I'm getting a little hung up is when i have to take either of these approaches with multiple shielded cables.  An example might be if i had four twisted shielded pairs, and i want to twist all the shields together on one end and terminate it.  Do you folks have any suggestions or ideas?